Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

2016-09-18 10:11

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

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Aluminium Honeycomb Panel (AHP)  is  a  sort  of  sandwich  panel consisting of two aluminium plates as face panels and hexagonal aluminium honeycomb cell as core materials, bonded together by aviation-purpose glue or macromolecule lamination film.  The  surface of  the  Aludream  aluminum  honeycomb  panels are made of aluminum alloy plates roller coated with PVDF or Polyester (PE) according to the purpose.
Aludream Honeycomb Panels are well known for their strength and lightness. The aluminium honeycomb core, the nature’s best architectural design makes the panel strong and meanwhile it remains as a light weight panel. Available  in  different  thicknesses  for  core  and  skin,  Aludream  honeycomb  core  material is available with aluminium  and polypropylene  materials.  Aludream AHP is approved for different applications in Ship Building and the products are verified to be according to the International Marine Organization (IMO) standards.
The  continuous  production  process  allows  the  production  of  large size panels up to lengths of 9m, with superior flatness. Clean, easily fabricated with perfect details, a great variety of  applications  is possible  with  the  use  of  ordinary  tools.  Its  particular  characteristics  make  Aludream  AHP  the  ideal  choice not only  for outdoor  applications  such  as  facade cladding, roofing, balconies, shelters, etc., but also for interior design like artistic ceilings, or for applications in transport and industry like ships and airplanes.

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